What to Know Before Selling a Miramar Beach Property

What to Know Before Selling a Miramar Beach Property

  • Yvonne Summerfield
  • 07/26/22

Nestled along the southwestern edge of the Florida Panhandle, homes for sale in Miramar Beach are an absolute dream. Situated minutes from exclusive golf clubs, public beach access points, and breathtaking parks, coastal living is at its best in this lovely community.

Because Miramar Beach real estate usually goes hand-in-hand with exceptional amenities, conveniences, and never-ending views, it may be tempting to skip the additional steps to make your home listing ultra appealing. Even though plenty of buyers line up to purchase properties in the Miramar Beach area, going the extra mile can help your property sell quickly—and for top dollar.

Before listing your Miramar Beach property, learn about what you should do to earn the biggest return on your investment.

Take inventory of what exterior features need replacing

Oceanfront living means that certain exterior items on your property will wear out faster than in inland locations. The wind takes abrasive salt from the seawater a considerable distance, which can cause quite a bit of exterior damage. And so, it’s essential to take inventory of what exterior elements need to be replaced before selling your home.

Usually, the HVAC system is one of the quickest items to go. While in less humid, inland areas, HVAC units typically last 15 to 20 years, their lifespan is about half that time in coastal areas. Because HVAC systems can be costly, explore the current options before deciding. Siding, roofing, windows, and wooden gazebos are other items to watch out for.

Complete all essential repairs

If you’re in a hurry to sell your home, it won’t necessarily pay off to skip essential interior repairs. In fact, if the repairs are significant enough, they may deter buyers, leading to unnecessary delays in selling your property.

Fix anything broken, damaged, or worn, including patching holes and nail pops, fixing leaks, repairing appliances, replacing windows, fixing ceiling fans, and even changing light bulbs. Safety-related repairs should take the highest priority on your to-do list, like electrical issues, uneven flooring, and anything else that could cause injury or illness.

On top of expediting the selling process, making all needed repairs will also bring in more competitive offers. When potential buyers notice flaws, they have reason to lower their bids. So, it makes sense to do whatever you can to correct all obvious issues.

Carefully consider home upgrades

All home upgrades and remodels do not deliver the same value. Although it may seem like making any kind of upgrade would increase the value of your Miramar Beach property, this isn't the case. Some have a shockingly low return on investment (ROI), so it is critical to do your research before undertaking a home improvement project.

Which home upgrades consistently deliver the highest ROI? Professional landscaping, minor bathroom remodels, minor kitchen remodels, and deck or patio additions bring the highest returns.

Establish a selling timeline

Timelines can quickly become one of the most stressful aspects of the home-selling process. Without a concrete idea of when you want to sell your home, you can quickly find yourself in anxiety and frustration-provoking situations.

Avoid the hassle and stress by establishing a selling timeline from the start. Decide when you’d like to have your home listed and when you would (ideally) like to have it sold. While numerous variables can affect your timeline, having a loose plan is essential.

Consider professional photos

Making your home look as appealing as possible is essential for quickly selling your home at the highest possible price. Aside from home staging, the best way to do this is by having professional photos taken of your property’s exterior and interior.

The initial investment in hiring a professional photographer is almost always worth it in the long run. Instead of posting your listing with sub-par images taken on a smartphone camera, having breathtaking pictures cast your property in the best light (literally) will make prospective buyers swoon.

Hire an experienced local real estate agent

After you’ve taken all the necessary steps on your end, it is time to hire an experienced realtor who is well-acquainted with the local market. Instead of managing the entire process on your own, leverage the knowledge and connections of a local real estate agent to ensure a smooth home-selling process.

When you are ready to list your home, contact Miramar Beach real estate agent Yvonne Summerfield and her experienced team. You’ll be represented by one of Miramar Beach’s most trustworthy and reliable real estate professionals from day one.

Strategically price your home

Your real estate agent can help you with nearly every aspect of the home-listing and -selling process. Although some guidance is available online, only an experienced realtor can help you choose a strategic price to get you the best return. Your realtor will also manage your expectations about how much you can realistically earn from your home in its current condition in the current market.

Review all offers

After listing your home, you’ll likely begin receiving offers within days. In some cases, offers come in within a few hours of the listing going live.

While this is an exciting time, it can also be confusing for sellers who’ve never had to review offers from prospective buyers. The highest offer is not automatically the best offer, so it pays to have a discerning real estate professional help you sort through each bid.

Learn about the closing process from a seller’s perspective

Before you list your home, researching the closing process from a seller’s perspective is valuable. Learn everything you can about what buyers can request, including paying closing costs. Understanding the possibilities before accepting an offer and entering into the closing phase is essential.

Your realtor is an invaluable resource for explaining every aspect of closing from the seller’s perspective.

Find your new home

While all of this is going on, you’ll also need to focus on finding your new home. Juggling the sale of your property alongside finding your new residence can pose a variety of struggles and challenges. Whether moving locally or across state lines, having a realtor is extremely important in providing a seamless buying and selling process.

Ready to get started on selling your Miramar Beach property? Contact Yvonne Summerfield today and make your real estate dreams a reality. She was recognized as one of the top 1,000 realtors in the United States by REALTrends and the Wall Street Journal.

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