4-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your Home

4-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your Home

  • Yvonne Summerfield
  • 12/25/22

As you consider putting your house on the market, you might not know where to start. When homeowners are ready for a change of scenery, they want to be able to move on quickly. In the early stages, you may want to start making small or large improvements around your home that would not only save the future owners any headaches but could also raise the value of your property! 

Something as simple as painting the walls can increase a home’s perceived value and make a house more enticing to buyers. There are ways you can stage your home, too, so that any marketing materials like photographs or videos will have a polished feel. While you can save money by taking the pictures yourself, a photographer will account for lighting and room depth. Your photographs could make the home seem dark and cramped, repelling buyers. When people shop for a home online, they often make snap decisions based on the images of the property. 

When your home is tidy, and you have an alluring listing ready to be published, you should know where you will live after the sale. With any luck, the steps you have taken will ensure your home doesn't sit on the market. Once you are listing your home, all that you have done in preparation should lead to a quick sale, so you will want to know your exit strategy. And working with an expert real estate agent will positively impact your experience since they have the expertise to market your home and help you prepare.

Tender loving care

While you don't plan on living in your current property for much longer, you should still make an effort to improve and refurbish any well-worn areas of your home. Think about what a prospective buyer would want to see fixed before they buy the house, and begin your work there. Even something as simple as getting a professional deep clean could help prospective buyers see your home in a better light. Food splatters and fingerprints on the walls and windows can be off-putting to those touring the home. Perhaps your home is spotless but could use a kitchen revamp.

Remodeling your kitchen can significantly raise the value of your home. Other than the kitchen, the most lucrative renovations include the primary bedroom, bathrooms, or hardwood flooring. Although you won’t use the new kitchen for long, the money you make back from the sale can be put toward your next property. Taking the time to see your home through a buyer's eyes can help you prepare for the sale before you even put it on the market. Ultimately, you will want to be ahead of the game and have your home ready for an open house before the house hits the market. 

Lights, camera, action!

After you have made your improvements around the house, you can start to declutter and stage the home so that it is ready for photographs and showings. Working with a staging professional can be highly beneficial when preparing your space for the market. Taking away the personal effects and pictures you have in your home is a great place to start in terms of staging.

However, a professional stager will go even further to ensure that each room has cohesion and that the furniture fits the space. And when it comes to the images on your listing, you may also want to reach out to a professional for photography or videography. Listings with professional pictures and promotional videos attract high-end buyers.

With quality images on your listing, you are advertising to buyers worldwide that are interested in beachfront condominiums and gorgeous coastal views. Not everyone who would be interested in the property can drive by and see the home in person. The effort that goes into your listing can affect the success of your sale.

What’s next?

While preparing your home for the market is essential, you will also need to know the details of your next move. If you are already settled into your new home, or perhaps you are selling a vacation home, your responsibilities would be relatively simple. Your main concern would be emptying the property and collecting your proceeds. If a buyer wanted to close quickly, and you did too, then movers, a U-haul, and a storage unit could be arranged promptly.

You might be looking for a new investment property, in which case the Fort Walton Beach condos for sale are luxurious and highly coveted by short-term renters. If you are using the funds from your sale to make your next purchase, you will want to make sure the parties in both transactions are aware. If you are using representation, they can communicate with your mortgage loan originator, the title company, and you about a closing date. When you are ready to put your house on the market, you should have a plan for when it sells, either temporary or permanent.

Find a reliable real estate agent

And last but certainly not least, you will want professional representation to guide you through the sale and look out for your interests. Regarding the luxury real estate market, it is crucial to work with someone who can market your property effectively to ready buyers. An expert real estate agent will work to advance the transaction while keeping you informed so that you can continue your day-to-day life and focus on finding and moving into your new home.

Yvonne Summerfield is a seasoned real estate agent that has helped clients throughout Florida’s Emerald Coast. From Miramar Beach real estate to Santa Rosa Beach real estate, Yvonne has helped those buying or selling all along the coast. She has the resources and know-how to make marketing and selling your home a straightforward process.

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