7 Easy Tips For Relocating to Miramar Beach

7 Easy Tips For Relocating to Miramar Beach

  • Yvonne Summerfield
  • 10/31/22

Miramar Beach real estate is in high demand. The beachfront town is vibrant and tranquil, noted for sparkling ocean waters and immaculate resorts. Anticipate the best coastal living has to offer when moving to this South Walton County locale.

Bask in the sunshine forever

The climate of Miramar beach is magnificent. The South Floridian village is a tropical paradise, as every day is full of clear skies, and lush palm trees decorate the streets. The fun is widespread here, with an infinite amount of outdoor activities. La Dolce Vita is a sun-worshipping headquarters. La Dolce offers various activities to do while romping around town. Bicycles, paddleboards, pontoons, and kayaks are ready for the active beachgoer to rent. Renting a posh and comfortable beach chair is also possible if the day calls for simply relaxing near the ocean waves.

After fixing up your new piece of Miramar Beach real estate, fulfill your seaside fantasy with an entertainment cruise. Destin’s Dolphin Tours has another fantastic way to soak in the sun. These catamaran tours take guests across the Destin Harbor while hunting for dolphins, who may just swim alongside your boat at 25 miles per hour. While a daytime cruise is joyful, a sunset cruise is a majestic way to end the day.

Everyday life is exquisite

Outdoor action isn’t the only fun near homes for sale in Miramar Beach, FL. The town has many opportunities for sophisticated recreation. Prestigious shops are thrilling to browse, and you can find exclusive brands, such as Coach, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, and many more. Grand Boulevard has upscale shops such as Tommy Bahama and fine dining to savor. Globally renowned chef Emeril Lagasse has graced the Boulevard with Emeril's Coastal. Patrons can feast on Emeril’s signature creations, like his double Worcester burger or Bob Doyle’s Maryland-style crab cake.

Be prepared to have celebrity neighbors

While searching for Miramar Beach condos for sale, remember that you could be viewing an icon’s former home. Megastar Johhny Depp spent most of his upbringing in Miramar, having moved to the beachfront city at seven. The Pirates of the Caribbean headliner built houses in his youth. Some beachfront homes for sale in Miramar Beach could be Depp's masterpieces!

Although The Edward Scissorhands superstar might be the biggest name from Miramar Beach, he’s far from being the only famous native. Sports followers are familiar with National Football players Geno Smith and Jon Beason, who also originate from the utopian village. College basketball player Roderick Wilmont is also a native.

Brush up on foreign etiquette

Sea lovers who have selected beachfront homes for sale in Miramar Beach, FL, are exposed to much more than the town’s majesty. In 2017, Miramar Beach began the “Sister Cities” program. The conception grew out of Miramar Beach’s history of having strong relationships with other countries, specifically Santa Ana, El Salvador, and especially Belize City, Belize. The City of Miramar Commission intends to support world peace by collaborating with foreign officials and their citizenry. The ties are so strong that some Miramar residents will have frequent round trips to and from Belize City and expose Floridians to their culture.

Hob knob with fellow Gulf Coast lovers

Alongside the daily things to do in Miramar Beach, the township sponsors various occasions to bring the locals together. The town’s largest festivity is the Eggs on the Beach gathering, where citizens venerate the Big Green Egg griller. This cheerful beach barbecue, which occurs every October, attracts chefs and enthusiasts called “EggHeads.” Two teams make up the thousands of attendees, namely the Cooks and Tasters. Tasters have the privilege of enjoying delicious eats such as grilled lobster, steak, and corn on the cob.

Another place neighbors connect is at The Miramar Community Garden. Here, the community gathers to grow fresh organic produce and gorgeous plants. Education, environmental appreciation, and socializing happen within this 7,400 square foot “micro urban farm.” In 2014, this fantastic initiative led to the GRO1000 Gardens and Green Spaces Grant Award. The town also received a $40,000 grant to improve the garden further.

Love our planet

The award-winning garden illustrates how Miramar Beach townspeople value the Earth. While a large portion of the Miramar Beach real estate market is luxe, protecting the surrounding natural life is a priority. The citizens’ Green Achievements were significant enough to earn the 2010 Emerald Award for Environmental Excellence. The township emphasized walking more, transportation, and other sustainability improvements.

One initiative that led to this honor was switching up the work schedule. Going to a four-day, ten-hour workweek reduced the city’s annual electric bill by $413,000. Solar lighting at bus stops and funding water efficiency improvements in residences were also part of the environmental gains. The Miramar Beach government is working hard to nourish Planet Earth.

Putting on the fairways is a cherished pastime

Floridians love to practice their golf swing, and Miramar Beach folks are a prime example. There’s no danger of crowded driving ranges, however, as there are 25 golf courses near Miramar Beach. The ultimate playing experience happens at The Golf Garden Of Destin. The Executive Course, with a par of 29, is challenging for players at every degree. This runway only has nine holes, but its proximity to wildlife makes for a fulfilling adventure. Golfers can choose between the Executive, the traditional 18-hole course, putt-putt, the driving range, or the simple practice greens. Families can make memories, investors can discuss the Miramar Beach real estate market, and seniors can treasure their retirement while aiming for a hole-in-one.

Begin your search for Miramar Beach real estate

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