5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Home for Your Family

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Home for Your Family

  • Yvonne Summerfield
  • 12/3/22

Choosing the perfect home for your family isn’t an easy task. Purchasing a home is a major decision in both an emotional and financial way, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The property you choose will be where your family lives for years to come, and it will become the place where some of your life’s most cherished memories are made. Buyers often spend hours flipping through listings to identify properties they’re interested in, as well as spending days going on in-person tours until they finally find the right property they’ll be proud to call home.

As a professional real estate agent with years of experience in several highly desirable neighborhoods in Florida, Yvonne Summerfield has connected tons of buyers with homes that perfectly fit the needs of their families. Serving within some of the region’s most sought-after communities, including the Miramar Beach real estate, Destin real estate, and Santa Rosa Beach real estate markets, Yvonne takes the unique lifestyles of each family into consideration to show them properties they’ll love living in.

To aid you on your journey to finding the perfect home for your family, Yvonne has outlined five essential tips every buyer should know when searching for a property.

Pick a home that’s comfortable for your budget

Choosing the right home for your family is about more than just the property itself. The right home for a family is one that compliments their lifestyle and improves their quality of life, and this relates to their finances, too. Before purchasing a property, it’s important for families to be aware of all costs associated with owning the home and develop a financial plan for handling them. There will be upfront costs involved with the purchase, including the down payment and any closing fees, as well as ongoing costs, such as the mortgage payment, property taxes, homeowners insurance, utility bills, repair bills, and private mortgage insurance if less than 20% of the total home value was put down. Families must choose a home where the costs to maintain it will not exceed their financial means.

To choose the right home for your family, get a clear picture of what monthly costs you can afford without feeling as though your bank account is being pushed to its limit. While you may be tempted to expand your space and select a home with more square footage for your family, make sure you are still choosing a property that fits comfortably within your budget. Financial experts recommend spending no more than 25%-30% of your gross income on your home and living expenses.

Determine what type of property you’ll need

When choosing a home for your family, determine what type of property will work best for you. If you don’t want to worry about upkeeping a lawn or cleaning a pool and having a home with low maintenance is important to you, a condominium or townhouse may be the best match for your family’s needs. Some families also choose condominiums and townhouses for the community aspects, such as playground areas for children or fitness rooms for adults. On the contrary, other families value privacy and want more personal space to spread out in, thereby opting for desire single-family houses. Think about your family’s lifestyle and determine which type of property will be the best fit.

Make sure the setup works for you

When it comes time to view each individual property, make sure the setup of each home works for you. Take note of how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family needs to live comfortably as well as any other features that may be required, such as a home office space, a fitness studio, a playroom, or a large dining area to gather in on family holidays. A property may be beautiful, but if it has a layout that isn’t conducive to the day-to-day needs of your family, it might not be the right home for you.

Think about the layout of the space and try to imagine what it would be like with your family living inside of it. Envision how the furniture would look, which bedroom each member would claim, where you’d enjoy your morning coffee, and if the property has all the features needed to feel like home. You may also want to pay attention to details such as the amount of storage space available to get a clear picture of what occupying the home would be like.

Check how its location fits into your lifestyle

Once you begin to narrow down homes that seem right for your family, check how each property’s location fits into your lifestyle. Find out how long the daily commute to work would be. Map out the distance between the home and any regular appointments that need to be attended, such as doctors and dentists. See how long it would take to visit friends on the weekends as well as how far away relatives are for holidays. You want a home that is not only a wonderful property but in an awesome neighborhood and a prime location as well. Choosing the right home for your family requires picking one in a location that works for you.

Listen to your heart and trust your instincts

As you prepare to make the final decision on which home you’ll choose, always listen to your heart and trust your instincts. You know what your family requires in their living environment, so apply this knowledge to the property you’re viewing and see if living there would be practical for you. The right home for your family is one that not only has enough space but has enough features that are unique to your family. For instance, if cooking is a huge part of your home, make sure the kitchen is suitable for family dinners. If backyard barbeques are a favorite family activity in the summertime, make sure there is ample outdoor space. Before you make a final decision on a property, your heart and instincts will guide you toward making the right choice.

When buyers finally find the right home for their family, it’s an incredibly exciting moment. While you embark on your journey to finding a property you and your family will love, always be sure to choose homes within your budget, consider different property types, evaluate each setup, check the location, and follow your heart until the day comes when you locate the home of your dreams.

If you’re searching for a home that’s perfect for your family in the Miramar Beach, Destin, and Santa Rosa Beach real estate markets, contact Yvonne Summerfield today. Having handled countless transactions on a diverse array of properties, Yvonne will take all your family’s needs into account and introduce you to fabulous homes that are a match for you.

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