6 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

6 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

  • Yvonne Summerfield
  • 10/9/22

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent, knowing what it takes to be a great real estate agent is an integral part of the process. When you are looking to make any sort of large purchase, you want to work with the best. So when you buy or sell a home, you should want to work with a great agent, not just a good one. Consequently, understanding what sets a great agent apart from a "good" agent is crucial. A great agent will have a lot of distinguishing qualities; here are a few of those.


A great real estate agent will be highly knowledgeable about their area. They can successfully use their resources to sift through the details of each community so they can answer any questions their clients may have. They will know the supply-demand of every area and be able to effectively compile a list of the perfect properties for their clients. A great real estate agent will have a keen understanding of every neighborhood. They will know which areas are great for investment properties, which are up and coming, and which areas might have future construction happening that may be a potential disruption or annoyance. When searching for Miramar Beach real estate or Destin real estate, an expert agent who knows both markets would be a great resource. A great real estate agent will be enthusiastic about the neighborhoods they show homes in and share that enthusiasm with their clients.


Being knowledgeable about an area is essential, but a great agent will also be knowledgeable about their clients. In addition, they will have exceptional social skills. Building relationships is necessary for all walks of life, so having a real estate agent who can quickly and easily build relationships is a must. An agent should be able to understand what a client wants and be able to match that. They should also be capable of reaching a client's energy, be empathetic when necessary, and fight for what their client wants. A great agent will maintain composure and empathy because real estate is a stressful industry on all fronts. It is also vital that the agent can communicate effectively with clients and maintain those relationships in the future.


A social real estate agent is also a highly resourceful agent. Those maintained relationships can turn into future business referrals or business partnerships if a client coincidentally owns a contracting company. They will be highly effective at networking to build an index of professionals they can refer to their clients if needed. A great agent will have an extensive list of contacts to back them up on any occasion. The ability to network effectively will help the agent establish themselves as an expert in the field, so it is best if the agent can build an index of experts. An experienced agent can be a great resource.


It is not easy to be in the real estate business. Many people go into it thinking they can just find a house and make a deal, but it is not so easy. There will be rejection and failure all around, so it is not a place for the faint of heart. However, great agents will be resilient; they can handle rejection well and bounce back quickly from failure. Fortunately, resilience is something that can be built and honed. It takes a lot of practice and the ability to self-reflect, but it is possible to build resilience and succeed in the field. Understanding your personality type and having the flexibility to alter your habits as needed are prerequisites for developing this resilience. You can take a free test to understand your personality type and help yourself build this resilience. Building resilience means understanding that things are not always black and white. An agent is not necessarily a complete failure if they cannot secure a client or a listing. Someone resilient can see and understand this concept.

Student mentality

Having a student mentality is essential for any position someone takes on. It allows us to continue to grow as people and develop professional skills. It is likely that someone who does not have a student mentality will also believe they know all the answers and will be unwilling to accept constructive criticism. A real estate agent may miss out on contacts or not be as sympathetic to their client if they do not have a student mentality. Real estate agents who are unwilling to continue to learn are agents who miss out on clients and potential communities.


A person needs to take care of themselves properly. To do this, go beyond the bare minimum of eating and taking a shower. Basic hygiene, knowledge of your body's nutritional requirements, and getting enough sleep are just a few examples of proper self-care. On the Mental Health America website, here are some additional self-care suggestions. The best people in any field will tell you how vital self-care is. Those who do not devote enough time to caring for themselves will quickly burn out and wonder what went wrong—creating personal boundaries is crucial for taking care of yourself, even if you do not work in a stressful profession like real estate. Even as a client.

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The ability to see past the ambiguity and tailor these qualities to a particular career, such as real estate, is a trait that not everyone can do. These qualities are somewhat ambiguous and can apply to any job. The best place to learn is always from someone who has already walked the road you are on. If you are a new real estate agent, you can learn how these qualities are applied to real estate from an exceptional agent such as Yvonne Summerfield. You can learn more about Yvonne and how she dominates the Destin real estate market.

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